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About Superklang


Superklang is a small recording studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, aprox. 7 km. from Copenhagen City Centre and 3 min walk to the nearest train station. The studio is part of the larger Ark Studio and therefore also a part of a creative and homely environment.


Superklang is owned by Jakob Clemen who has worked with music for 30 years - first as a drummer and then with more and more focus on music and studio production within most genres.


The studio is built around an Avid Pro Tools HD rig with an Avid D-Command as main controller. In addition, you will find a wide variety of the best hard- and software available such as Telefunken, Universal Audio and SSL. We have a vide vararity of microphones to capture the performance in the best possible way from well know manufacturers such as Shure, Telefunken, AKG, Neumann SE Electronics and Senheiser.


If you have any questions or query on a specific project, you are welcome to to use the form below or send an email on info@superklang.dk.



Avid Omni HD Native


2 x Digidesign 192 (40 I/O)


Digidesign Icon D-Command


Digidesign / Avid PRE (8 ch preamp)


M-Audio Profire 2626


Focusrite Octopre LE


Heritage Audio DMA-73 Dual mic pre


Gyraf G9 Dual Tube Preamp


4 x SSL 4000K preamp


4 x Hansen Audio Direct Input


2 x NP IK 42 B parametric equalizer


UA 1176-2 Stereo Limiting Amplifier


Alto HPA4 headphone amp



Telefunken AK-47


SE Electronics 4400a


SE Electronics T2 Titanium 4400


2 x SE Electronics sE5 matched pair


Telefunken M82


Neumann KM 184


3 x vintage Senheiser MD-421 N


2 x Shure SM 57


Shure SM7B


AKG D-112


Bang & Olufsen BM6 (ribbon)


Triton FetHead mic amp


2 x K10 Karma Pencil





Korg Karma Synthesiser


Wurlitzer Electric piano


Gretsch drums


Roland TD-9 electric drums


Roland SPD-11 drum modul


Höfner Electric jazz guitar


Aria Electric bass



Yamaha NS-10M with Yamaha P2200 amp


Buchardt Audio S300 reference monitors with custom build power amp



Avid Pro Tools HD 12


Propellerheads Reason 6.5


Logic Pro X


Plugins and instruments from Avid, Waves, Native Instruments, Universal Audio (UAD), Antares, Soundtoys, UVI, Syncro Arts, Slate Digital / Steven Slate, Lexicon, Eventide, Izotope, Sonnox




Coffee machine


Frigde for cold bear and soda's