Price List

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Price List





Live recording package*

Kr. 3.500,-

Singer/Song Writer EP package**

Kr. 3500,-

Studio recording pr. hour

Kr. 350,-

Mixing per hour

Kr. 350,-

Video session***

Kr. 650,-

Mastering per track

Kr. 600,-

The following price list is a guide of what may constitute your requirements.

All prices are calculated per hour and include Danish VAT. A flat rate can also be agreed for longer projects.


If you need an offer, you are welcome to write me an email on






* The live recording package includes live recording, where the signals are fed from the FOH or monitor mixer and also includes mix and mastering. The finished mix will be delivered as mp3 and wav download and can also be delivered as Redbook or DDP Master at additional price.


** Singer/Song Writer EP package includes recording, mix and mastering of up to five tracks. The recordings can be split into several days.


*** A video session includes recording (video and audio), mix, mastering and video editing of one single track. The finished video s typically delivered within 1 - 3 working days.