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Superklang has a wide variety of microphones and preamps from Telefunken, Neumann, Neve and SSL, which enables us to record vocals, choir, solo's or overdubs in the best possible quality.


From the very first ideas to the finished song, the creative process is committed to highligting the best in the material.


If the basic recording was made in a larger studio facility, but you need to spend extra time on vocal and choir recordings, solo's or similar, Superklang is offering this at competitive prices.

Mix & Mastering


If you did your own recordings, a proffessional mix and mastering will always present the music better. This is no mather if its a studio or a demo recording.


By combining external hardware with plugins and modern mix technology it is possible to create a clear and a defined sound.


Mastering is the final polishing of the track(s) before publishing on iTunes, Spotify or other streaming/download services. If the tracks is beeing printed on cd, Superklang also offers Red Book Masters or DDP images.


In this fase the final adjustments are made to the final stereo track, to add clearity, punch and loudness as needed.



Superklang offers multitrack live recordings with up to 24 track as standard setup. Normally this will cover the needs for most bands and will even give the possibility of adding room mic's to capture the special live feeling that comes from talk, clapping and so on. Upon special agreement , the system can be expanded to 64 in / outputs.


The finished mix is typically delivered within one week, as a download via Superklangs server.

Video session


As a new service, Superklang offers to videorecord your recording at the studio. The video can afterworth be used as promotion on Youtube, Facebook or other similar social medias.


A video will give the music an extra dimension and the different cameras can be placed discrete, so they wont disturb your concentration during the recording session.


The different video recordings will be edited together with the music and will be delivered in HD-quality and added effects if needed or by request.


The finished video will be delivered after 1-3 working days.